Worship with Wow

“Wow!” My roommate and I stood at the window with our noses pressed to the glass as the thunder roared and the sky lit up with lightning. All we could say was “wow.” The thunder, “Wow!” The lightning, “Wow!” The pouring rain, “Wow!” The power of God, “Wow!”

Sometimes we try to complicate worship. God is so big and so complex that we to try to sum him up in a song or a phrase, but we will never be able to fit him into the framework of our language. We write songs, books, sermons, long conversations all trying to understand God, but the more we learn the more we discover he is too big for us. It is not wrong to endeavor to understand God more, our studies and descriptions can glorify him because it shows we consider him worthy of all our consideration, but it can also glorify him when we step back from it all and just stand jaws dropped in wonder. It is appropriate to follow the examples of the disciples who reacted to Jesus’ miracles in wonder at the understanding that this man could be the very son of God. We don’t have to create a long, wordy explanation of how amazing God is. We are allowed to just say “wow” and be amazed by him.

This has been hard for me to learn. I love words. I love rambling on a page. But there are moments in my life where I am so overwhelmed with God that I am left with no words for worship.

  • Studying the great expanses of the universe in a college astronomy class and spending most of my study time in worship that God was too much for me.
  • Storms that keep you glued to the open window taking in every sight, sound, and smell of God’s revelation of power in nature.
  • Getting to watch my nephews and niece grow up into amazing little people and being so overcome by love for them.
  • Running through the woods on my favorite trail and watching the setting sun glisten on the lake.
  • All the other times when all I’m left with is “wow” and God is glorified in my speechlessness because his greatness caused it.



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